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The Reasons Why Flores Island Must Be Visited

Flores Island is one of the Islands from 17.000 Islands of Indonesia. The name Flores came from the Portuguese words” Copa de Flores” means Cape Flower. It’s given by Portuguese colonists by 16th century. 
There are so many beautiful places in this Island, almost from the western to East part. I am guarantee to said that, once you been here, you will never stop thought for every part of the Island. The incredible lizard of Komodo dragons, the stunning landscape and beaches of the small Island surrounding. Move to the main Island you will warmly welcomed by the island’s people in their unique cultures & rituals, dances and their way of life daily which is very interesting to be experienced.

1. Komodo National Park

The park with total area is 1,733 km2 (603 km2 of it land) which has three main islands Komodo, Padar, Rinca island, and 26 smaller islands. This park has declared by UNISCO in 1980 as a World heritage Site to protect the komodo dragons as the biggest lizard on earth. In 2012 the park officially set to be one of the new seven wonder of the natures by the New7wonders foundations.

The park not only popular with dragons but also has many fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving. The pink and white sunny beaches, mantas point and flying foxs Islands.

2. Wae Rebo

Wae Rebo is a traditional village in the district of Manggarai, West of Flores. Wae Rebo is famous with their characteristic of unique houses of Mbaru Niang which has architectures with philosophy meaning. The village situated in pleasant and peacefully, surrounded by rain forest mountains, very small and isolated. To be here you need to take 4 hours by car from Labuan Bajo and approx. 3.5 hours trekking & hiking from Dintor village as the starting point. The visitors have the opportunity to experience the unique welcome celebrations, see the authentic Manggarai housing and to experience their daily life of the local community.

3. A Lingko Spider Net Web Rice Field

Lingko spider net web rice field can be found in Cara village, Cancar, Ruteng Sub district. Lingko is a Manggaraian word means a field. It is a Manggrain system on divided of land that has been created by the ancestors which handed down through the generation.
Spider net web rice field is created incidentally. The Manggraian farmer distribute the land by draw a straight line widened from the center point of the field (called; Lodok ) to the edge of the field (Called; Cicing). The size of the land be measured based on the five fingers of the adult. The thumb for the Leader or the older people of the village and another fingers for the next generation based on their ages. The land will appear like a spider web if we see from the highest place.

4. Bena Village

Bena village is one of the megalithic villages in Ngada, in the center of Flores Island, east Nusa Tenggara. Precisely in the Village Tiwuriwu, Aimere District, about 19 km south part of Bajawa. This village located on the eastern slope of the stratovolcano mountain Inerie. Its presence at the bottom of the mountain are the hallmark of the old society as a devotee of the mountain where the gods.

The villagers are gardening. What their crops are coffee beans, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The place can be reached by motorbike, car, and public transportation. From this village you can do trekking for about 2.5 hours to the other traditional villages, namely Tolela and ends at Gurusina.

5. Three Colors Lake of Kelimutu

Kelimutu Lake is a volcano. It is located in Moni village, around 50 km to the east of Ende. Tthe capital of Ende regency in East Nusa Tenggara province. The color of the lake periodically and unpredictably change due to the chemical reaction of the volcano.

this place is known as the perfect spot for sunrise. To catch the stunning sunrise you need to stay on the Hotel at Moni. Early morning around 4.15 a.m you have to wake up and start trekking for about 45 minutes reach to the top. (Adrian Floresfuntrips.com)

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