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Tengku Siwa – A New Destination Tourist Place in Flores, Indonesia

tengku-siwa-reo-north manggarai

Photo by Stefan Heno

Tengku Siwa is a waterfall (Tengku; waterfall, Siwa is a name of the place). According to the Local folklore Siwa is the name of a handsome young man who decided to end his life in this Tengku due to a romance problem.

Tengku Siwa is one of new popular place in the Center of Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This place is located precisely in Desa Sambor, Kecamatan Reok Barat, nearby Kajong village, Reo- the Northern part of Manggarai.

This place became famous and attracts so much visitors since the internet reaches the remote area through the smart phones and social media like face book which is friendly used by everyone in the village. The villager publish and share the photos of this place in their Social media and every one recognized and decided to visit this fantastic place. 

How to get there?

tengku siwa Reo- Manggarai-Flores- East Nusa Tenggara

Photo Fb Stefan Heno

If you start from Labuan Bajo you need to take by car for around 4 hours or 2.5 hours by motorbike then stop in Ruteng. We suggest staying one night in Ruteng. Next day you continue the adventure to Tengku Siwa for about 3 hours to the starting point Kajong Village then continue trekking for around 1 hour through the farmer’s plant.

What you brings?

We suggest you to wearing trekking shoes, sunglasses, sun block and of course Camera. Mineral water and some food stock as there is no restaurant close by.

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