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Reo – With a Beautiful Sangari Beach

Reo is a sub district under territory of Manggarai regency,  East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The place is located in the north part of Ruteng, the capital city of Manggarai Regency. From Ruteng will taking 2 hours by car and an hour by motorbike. The road to Reo has many curve and will pass so many villages like Watu Alo village, Pagal village and Gapong village.

Reo has been long time become a port for freight. In 2014 the government of Manggarai has proposed to the central government to be promoted to multipurpose port of status for not only freight but also for passengers ships. Nowdays still running slow and only the container are busy.

Reo not only have their port, but also has many beaches to be visited. The known one is Sengari Beach. The beach is clean enough and very quite, only few boat of fishermen are waiting in the edge. The crowded time here is happened on the week end and on the national day off. Unfortunately,till today this place only popular for the Local & domestic visitors.

We really hope in the further time the government empower this place to promote as another worth place to be visited by International tourist. (Adrian Floresfuntrips)



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