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Tengku Siwa – A New Destination Tourist Place in Flores, Indonesia

tengku-siwa-reo-north manggarai

Photo by Stefan Heno

Tengku Siwa is a waterfall (Tengku; waterfall, Siwa is a name of the place). According to the Local folklore Siwa is the name of a handsome young man who decided to end his life in this Tengku due to a romance problem.

Tengku Siwa is one of new popular place in the Center of Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This place is located precisely in Desa Sambor, Kecamatan Reok Barat, nearby Kajong village, Reo- the Northern part of Manggarai.

This place became famous and attracts so much visitors since the internet reaches the remote area through the smart phones and social media like face book which is friendly used by everyone in the village. The villager publish and share the photos of this place in their Social media and every one recognized and decided to visit this fantastic place. 

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Why Human Resources are the Major Key in Tourism Industry?

Tourism industry provided potential advantage not only in economic sector but also the development of community’s pride. However, tourism is a particular industry. The successful in tourism industry must be supported by sufficient human resources. The availability of human resources is a major key in running this business. A certain community acquires benefit from tourism industry if they understand tourism management system, strong commitment from all members of the community, strong leadership, local government involvement, and other stakeholders. Without those components, the successful tourism project is unlikely to happen. Continue reading

The Reasons Why Flores Island Must Be Visited

Flores Island is one of the Islands from 17.000 Islands of Indonesia. The name Flores came from the Portuguese words” Copa de Flores” means Cape Flower. It’s given by Portuguese colonists by 16th century.  Continue reading

Reo – With a Beautiful Sangari Beach

Reo is a sub district under territory of Manggarai regency,  East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The place is located in the north part of Ruteng, the capital city of Manggarai Regency. From Ruteng will taking 2 hours by car and an hour by motorbike. The road to Reo has many curve and will pass so many villages like Watu Alo village, Pagal village and Gapong village. Continue reading

The Komodo Dragon

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Wae Rebo – A Hidden Paradise on Earth

Have you ever thought where is the really heaven on the earth planet and how is the feeling of living in? if you read this. Don’t be doubt! you are on the way to get there. 🙂 Wae Rebo will give you those impressions.

Wae Rebo is a traditional village in the district of Manggarai, West Flores, East Nusa Tenggara province of  Indonesia. The village has received the Top Award of Excellence from UNISCO in 2012 in Bangkok Asia Pacific Heritage awards. Since then this village has attracted many tourist from around the world. According to the history the village was found by “Empu Maro” the main ancestor over of 100 years ago. 

What is the unique things of Wae Rebo? Continue reading

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the biggest Island from three main Islands of Komodo National Park. The island is particularly famous as the main habitat of the Varanus Komodoensis, the largest lizard on Earth. Komodo Island has a surface area of 390 square kilometers. The Island is made up of rusty-red volcanic hills, savannah and forests. It’s surrounding waters of sea grass beds, mangrove scrublands and coral reef made the place completely perfect for diving. Continue reading

Padar Island

Padar Island is part of the Komodo National Park, it is the third largest island in the reserve, located between Komodo and Rinca Islands. The Island is very popular with the stunning landscape. You must hike around 20 minutes to reach the top, but it worth. The view here was fantastic. If you visit on rainy season you will see the green hill, all surrounded with green and blue ocean view. Continue reading

Rinca Island

Rinca Island popular with Rincah and Rindja. It is part of Komodo National Park and the second biggest Island after Komodo Island. The typical of the Island have most Savannah than forest. This geographic situation affect the dragons character. The Komodo dragons in Rinca Island are more aggressive and the measure of the body are more skinny than in Komodo Island which is the area are mostly of forest.

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The Things You Should Know About Manggarai People

Religion & Cultures Rituals 

Religion and cultures rituals of Manggarai  people is two different things which is very close each other. They have the same portion on Manggarain daily life which make their belief are completely dualism.Catholic religion which is belief to Jesus Christ  is affected of Portuguese and over of hundred years ago the Manggarain ancestors were belief that soul and spirit could be found in anything named Animism.   Continue reading