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Floresfuntrips is the tourism company who managed and supported by professional teams of young Flores people who have been involved of the tourism activities since 2005. We are committed and dedicated to provide the best services to all visitors or customers and keep up long term relationships with them. Along the way, we received recognition for our work or service.


We provide complete fun trip packages & tourist information, sightseeing information, car rental in Flores Island, boat charter for Komodo National Park and other related information to facilitate the visitors plan to visit the beautiful Flores & Komodo Island as a new seven wonders of nature in the world. We offer every assistance which may be needed by our customers in order to make their trips more memorable.


  • Our vision is to be the best in the travel industry by continuously developing new partnership and opportunities.
  • Our mission is to develop, support and increasing strengthen our partnership by provide efficient, effective and best solutions for our customers or partner.


  • To promote, empower, & market the tourism assets in Flores Island, culture attractions,  and any opportunities present to the national and international Markets.
  • To promote & market Komodo Island as a new seven wonders of nature & most popular destination for tourists and any other visitors all over the world.


Whether you’re looking for or seeking information related to Flores tourism information, resources, events and opportunities reach out and please do not hesitate to contact Floresfuntrips agent. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


  • We offer very competitive price, integrity, honestly, comity and trusted.
  • Our focusing is the safety of our visitors and ensuring their trips are fun and memorable.
  • We serve the visitors professionally & valuable.
  • We have more than of decade’s experienced teams and local tour guides.
  • We know how to care & serve the customers and make them as like at their home
  • Most of our trips packages are fantastic to make the customers holiday are awesome.
  • Our trips packages are also flexible therefore the costumers would be able to select as they prefer.